Outdoor Adventure in Europe

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or looking to have a white-knuckle adventure for the first time, Europe has a wealth of activities that are sure to get you adrenaline pumping. Europe has vast amounts of forests, rivers, mountains, and sports to take part in as dive in all things outdoors. You name it, you can find in wilds of Europe from dog-sledding on the frozen fjords of Norway to white water rafting in deep forests of eastern Europe, to diving the deep waters off the coast, travel to Europe and find your wild side. Here are just a few of the best outdoor adventures to try in Europe.

White Water Rafting

Snaking through towering mountains and fed by alpine glaciers, Europe has some of the fastest flowing rivers in the world. The best ones will enhance your experience even more by providing you with some of the most spectacular scenery along the way. In northeastern Turkey you will find the Coruh River, which winds through deep gorges and some of the most biodiverse areas in Europe. Here you can find rare species of plants, animals, and birds many of which are protected and find nowhere else in the world as well as bears, wild mountain goats and many more. The river here tumbles over rocks and shoots around cliffs at break neck speeds and has become a key to the Turkish eco-tourism movement. You can also see archeological ruins of the ancient Byzantine Empire as well.

In southern Croatia you’ll find the Cetina River that is surrounded by lush vegetation and forests making it one of the most beautiful river trips you will find. The rocky karst terrain has a wealth of wildlife and clear blue skies and has been inhabited by humans since the Neolithic age. You find archeological relics hidden in the rocks or ancient fortress of empires gone by. The canyons, watery caves, and majestic waterfalls are truly spectacular.

Mountain Climbing

The towering mountain ranges of Europe have inspired and challenged even the most seasoned of mountain climbers for hundreds of years. One of the greatest and most daunting peaks is the Matterhorn. The snow-capped peak launched the golden age of alpinism and is truly the icon of the Swiss Alps. Though not the peak for beginners, Matterhorn has claimed quite a few lives over the last hundred years so it should only be undertaken by the most experienced climbers.

For the novice climber however you should consider the nearby Mont Blanc about the scenic Chamonix valley. You can find mountaineering schools here with guides that will not only teach you the skills needed but take you up the mountain as well.

Scuba diving

With countless miles of coastline, the continent of Europe also has some of the best places for scuba diving in the world. From the warm clear waters of the Mediterranean to the deep blue water of the Atlantic, the biodiversity of the oceans is top-notch. Portugal’s deep water is clean, clear, and rich in wildlife and it one of the best locations for diving in Europe. The archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores offer a haven for the most beautiful and bizarre creatures. It is likely in the these waters that you’ll see the massive manta rays, whales, dolphins and countless fish, sharks and even ship wrecks.

For the true adventurer consider diving the chilly fjords of Norway. Here the cold Atlantic Ocean offers up nutrient rich currents that feed the wildlife and creates an incredible wealth of natural wonders. Kelp forests give way to coral reefs and colorful fish dance next to magnificent killer whales. Countless shipwrecks provide yet another unique adventure to enjoy. Travel south to the Mediterranean and dive the warm, tropical waters off the coast of Greece, Croatia, and Italy where you can view the submerged Christ of the Abyss statue.

Dog Sledding

The vast arctic north of Scandinavia gives visitors a one of a kind chance to experience the glaciers the way they originally were centuries ago. Sleds pulled by teams of panting huskies whisks you through the ice and snow where you will see arctic wildlife and the famous northern lights. In Sweden you can explore the Lapland region as you mush over the mountains and through the largest wildlife preserve in Europe. Along the way you’ll stay in cabins or lodges and there is a wide range of lengths from just one day to over a week and some even welcome children.

In Norway you can trek the expansive Finnmark region, a veritable arctic desert. Most expeditions are run by family owned businesses that are happy to create the perfect trip just for you and your family. Throughout Norway’s vast wilderness you can race along behind your team of huskies and even experience the intense bond that has always coupled a dog-sledder and their furry companions.

Instruments and Optics Are an Important Part of Outdoor Adventures

Now that you are planning your outdoor adventure, and no doubt have your shopping list for all of your outdoor needs, some of the items on this list are going to be your instruments and optics.

Here you are going to have a variety of items that you are going to want to purchase, and the price that you pay will depend on what budget that you have set for these. By taking your time to review all that is available to you, then you will most certainly be able to take advantage of some great deals when purchasing your instruments and optics. Be sure though that you get brands that you can count on as being reliable and well made.

Invest in a good altimeter when purchasing your instruments and optics

One of the instruments that you may be interested in is the altimeters. This is going to give you your reading of barometric pressure as well as your sea level altitudes. If you are purchasing one of these, then you want to be sure that it is going to be a good hand fit whether you are wearing gloves or not.

Binoculars are a matter of choice but are most reasonably priced

The next item on your list for instruments and optics may be a good pair of binoculars. Whether you actually need binoculars or not is going to depend on the type of outdoor adventure that you are going to be participating in. In any event it is always good to have a quality pair of binoculars with you although it may not necessarily demand the top of the line. Again remember though if you are going to be doing any type of trekking or hiking, you want something that is going to be compact in size and water proof, and its always a good idea to make sure they are fog proof as well.

A good camera is a must have on the instruments and optics list

No outdoor individual wants to go anywhere without having a good camera. There is so much of nature that can be captured on film that it is a must to take a camera with you. If you do not own any type of digital camera, or are in the market for shopping around for one, you will find that there are some excellent choices available that will fill all the requirements that you are looking for. If it’s just the basic features that you require, there are plenty to choose from and then of course there are the digital video types. No matter what the choice however, there is the necessity for them to be water proof and light weight.

Don’t leave home without your compass

If you decide to buy nothing in the instrument and optics line, at least make sure that you do invest in a compass. Be sure that it can be read at night and that it has good visible reading qualities about it. The type of compass that you are going to choose is going to depend on the type of outdoor activity that you are involved in. Whether it is an adventure on the water or on land, choose the compass that is going to be most appropriate and easiest for you to use.

Research the instruments and optics accessories that you may need

Along with all of the items that have been mentioned there are many accessories as well that you may require also. You want to be sure that you have a good durable wrist watch that is going to be water proof and easily read.